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Changing tape drive in SureStore DAT24X6

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Changing tape drive in SureStore DAT24X6


I was trying to change the faulty DAT mechanism in Autoloader, I ordered one basic 24G(compressed capasity)

It is identical in dimensions and other mecanical parts that the drive that was inside before but after replacement the autoloader just gave error message "drive comm error" so it could not "talk" with new drive.

Is it just Firmware issue and if is, how can I backsrew the FW? Or should I get C1557A drive from somewhere?

More detailed information about drives (this information comes from HP software installed in windows)
NEW = PRODUCT ID: C1537A FIRMWARE: L111 (!! notice, box that it was shipped in says that it is MODELL NRO:C1554C

Any help would be apperciated.

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Re: Changing tape drive in SureStore DAT24X6

Got some more information from HP persons that the code that is in box is "marketing" number for that drive.

But question the question is still that can I somehow force the old FW to newer drive?

I know that it could be done if you have appropiate password for downgrade but does it work when drive code is (C1557A vs. C1537A) different?

Rothery Harris
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Re: Changing tape drive in SureStore DAT24X6

Dear Jouko,
The DAT drive must have Autoloader firmware loaded (U812). It needs this so that it can communicate correctly with the loader. I assume you have connected the access port cable at the front of the drive and changed all the metalwork. I think you can apply for a temporary password on the website for HP library & tape tools. This should dongrade your firmware. If not you should contact your HP service centre. Changing the drive in the Autoloader is not recommended in the field.

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Re: Changing tape drive in SureStore DAT24X6

Thanks for reply Rothery

Yes, I inserted the cable in front of drive and removed all other mecanics needed (only, palstic front plate and top cover. It tooked about 2min.)

Do you know who should I contact about temporary password for downgrading the FW?


ps. The change of mechanim is actually "peace of cake" if you can hold screwdriver in your hand. :)
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Re: Changing tape drive in SureStore DAT24X6

I have just spoken to my mate Rothery, who sits just over the way from me.

You are going to be in all sorts of problems with this.

The drive needs to be effectively wound back to it's manufacturing code in order to provide it with Autoloader firmware. If you try to provide it with anything other then DDS3 firmware then it will reject it (but I expect you've tried that). We don't have this code available.

In addition the C1537-04000 autoloader mechanism is everso slightly different than a standard DDS3 mechanism in order to stand up to the rigours of being placed in an autoloader. I am not saying that your bog standard DDS3 wouldn't work but for how long ... ???

If you have already bought a DDS3 mechanism, which it looks like you have, then you are at a deadend. The only route out is for me to find you a 'proper' C1537-04000 autoloader mechanism and send it to you free.

Of course, you'll be left with a basic C1554C .. but you can probably sell it or take it back to mitigate your financial outlay.

Post your email address here and I will contact you and sort something out.



If anyone else is reading this (as I know happens) and thinks this is a great way to fix their autoloader free of charge, then I am afraid that I don't have a huge stock of ex-autoloader drives. In this case I am going to have to remove a workingn mechanism from a 'good' loader for Jouko
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Re: Changing tape drive in SureStore DAT24X6

Hi John and "mate" Rothery!

Good to hear that you could, and hopelly will help me out.

Yep, I have bought the C1554 drive so if I'm in deadend with that one I can stick it into.. well - somewhere. :)

you can mail me at: