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DAT Autoloader 6X40 - Error 58 on Self Test

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DAT Autoloader 6X40 - Error 58 on Self Test

Hi there,

We have a 6X40 Autoloader, started it up without a Magazine in the drive to test it, and now it's giving an Error 58.

The HP Error Code document does not say what to do about Error 58 - Y Motor Jammed, I have also ensured that the mouting tabs are not putting pressure on the drive (as with errors 56 and 57. The R motor seems to be working fine - Is there anything I can to try to unjam this Y motor? Is it possible that the motor has actually failed?

Many thanks,


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Re: DAT Autoloader 6X40 - Error 58 on Self Test

Uh oh.

I noticed that there was a *tiny* square bit of plastic stuck in the bottom right hand corner of the drive casing. It was causing the front bezel to push outwards slightly on power on self check. I managed to blow the tiny plastic sqaure loose, and suddenly, the drive the powered up OK.

So I thought I had solved the problem and was rather happy... but...

Now The drive will not allow me to eject the magazine. I get an error 71 error. The drive notes say this is something to do with the front door of the drive...?

Everything (else) in the drive appears to work 'mechanically' it's going to be very annoying if this drive is rendered useless just because of a tiny bit of plastic....

The drive is out of warranty so I don't mind opening it up and having a fiddle.

Any pointers on what I should be looking for?

Many thanks,


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Re: DAT Autoloader 6X40 - Error 58 on Self Test


Did you ever find the solution to the Error 71? We are having the same problem it sounds like and we're trying to find out the cause of it before we do to much.

Here's our problem specifically. When we hit the eject button the front door will open ~90% of the way and then closes again. It will repeat this ~3 times and then it will report the error 71. We also did have the error 56 before this but that was fixed quickly enough by bending out one of the screw tabs.

Jason Unrein
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Re: DAT Autoloader 6X40 - Error 58 on Self Test

HP Surestore DAT and DLT - Media Jammed and Unable to Eject

ISSUE: Media is stuck and is unable to eject from the tape drive.

SOLUTION: Try the following:

Prior to inserting the tape make sure that you have placed labels in the designated areas of the tapes and that you have not placed any labels on top of others. For more information on placing labels go to one of the following links:

HP DLT - Detecting a Damaged DLT Cartridge and What Symptoms Would Be Seen

HP DDS - Label Placement on DDS Media
Check that the software has not sent the tape drive a prevent media removal command to prevent an accidental eject. Check with the backup application software vendor on how to change this option and send the drive an "enable media removal" command to restore control to the eject switch. Alternatively, a SCSI reset will have the same effect.
Try closing the backup application and/or restarting the system to clear the SCSI bus.
If the tape still cannot eject, then try power cycling the drive, preferably with the backup application closed down.
CAUTION: If the drive is powered off while it is writing to tape, data may be lost. The tape will not be formatted correctly. If the backup operation has completed or you are only reading from tape, then this will not be a problem.

If the tape still cannot eject, initiate a forced eject in one of two ways:
Press the UNLOAD/EJECT button three times for 2 seconds each time.
Hold the UNLOAD/EJECT button down for at least 5 seconds.
Following this, the drive will wait for 35 seconds to complete the operation it was doing, and then eject the tape. If the operation was not completed in that 35 seconds, then it will eject regardless.

CAUTION: If the media is forcibly ejected, and the drive does not complete the current operation, data may be lost. The tape may not be formatted correctly.

If the tape takes longer than normal to eject, then try cleaning the drive by inserting a cleaning tape. If this has no effect on the time taken to eject, then try inserting the cleaning cartridge 5 times in a row.