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DAT24x6 Autoloader

Celeste Capone
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DAT24x6 Autoloader

Can anyone tell me what differences there might be between the C1557A and the C1559A? The C1559A is the current model. We have a C1557A on our Unisys mainframe (a Win2K with MCP), and need to purchase another HP autoloader for another system. We would like the new one we purchase to serve as a backup for the existing unit on the mainframe, and need to know if there are any differences that might cause a problem with that.
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Re: DAT24x6 Autoloader

C1559A is the product number for a HP DDS3 external autoloader.

C1557A is not a valid product number. However, it is the product inquiry string (on SCSI) for *all* the HP DDS3 autoloaders (internal/external, windows/unix, etc).

Your product should have a product number like C1559x, C5677x, C6367x, etc).

Here's the current DDS3 products:

DDS4 autoloaders are also available, which will read DDS3 written tapes.
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