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DAT40x6i Failing Autoloader Test

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DAT40x6i Failing Autoloader Test

Using a DAT40x6i with Backup Exec 8.0 under Netware 5.1 - backups have been failing with 'tape full' errors towards the end of the first tape even though there are more tapes in the magazine.

I have run LT&T and all tests pass except the 'DDS Autoloader Exerciser'. When I run this there is no apparent activity in the autoloader and after a few seconds the test ends with the message "The test function encountered an unrecoverable error condition, the test failed."
Presumably this isn't good. Is there any maintenance procedure I can try to fix this myself? What exactly is this test supposed to do?
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Re: DAT40x6i Failing Autoloader Test


I'd advise you to

1. Stop the backup services
2. Run L&TT again
3. Run all available tests
4. Save a support ticket
5. Mail files sticket.ltt, resultlog.ltt and eventlog.ltt to

Then call the local customer care center. They can help you with that.

Eugeny Brychkov
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Re: DAT40x6i Failing Autoloader Test

To test autoloader you can connect it to windows host with 2940UW or 29160lp adapters installed, install HP drivers and run LTT tests from this windows box. If this test will fail again, then I would suspect drive. If not - then driver in netware server...
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Re: DAT40x6i Failing Autoloader Test


If I am looking at the correct test, then it basically swaps each available tape between the magazine and the drive (there is no read/write activity).

How far into the test do you get? Do you actually load the magazine, or does it fail before that point?

It would be really useful if you could attach the support ticket to this forum, I would be happy to take a look.

Regarding the Tape Full problem, is this a new problem on this product (i.e. never used to fail in this way), or is this something that has happened since you started to use the product? If it is something that has been fine previously, is there anything that you have changed recently?

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