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DL380 and Storageworks1/8

Doug Barshaw
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DL380 and Storageworks1/8

I purchased a HP Proliant DL380 and Storageworks autoloader 1/8. The server will recognize the device at boot, if I use the onboard SCSI. However, it does not support multiple LUNs (Unless there is a patch available) I have tried installing an additional adaptec controller (2940UW Pro), but it fails on the scsi scan. Running Netware 6. Anybody have a solution this trio?

Re: DL380 and Storageworks1/8


This is apparently an issue with the SCSI card being configured for using "Multi LUNs".
I am reliably informed this is turned off by default in the 29XX series from Adaptec.

First thing to check, on boot enter the SCSI card config and scan for devices. You should see both the SCSI ID and the LUN.
If you only see the SCSI ID of the tape device, reconfigure the card until both are present.

Secondly check for the Std SCSI ID conflicts etc.

All should work on the HW as described.

Good Luck.
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