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DLT 20/40 GB Tape Library

Leslie Wong
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DLT 20/40 GB Tape Library

The DLT tape library is connected to the Compaq Proliant server running Novell 5.x OS with ARCServe 6 as the backup application. It was connected via the integrated external SCSI port of the server. When loading/reloading the tapes (14 tapes) the server utilisation was retained at 70% for about 5-10 minutes. This in term slowed down the server performance and even hang the server at times. Is it normal when the tape library is doing the inventory check & initialisation of the tapes to take up the server's utilisation? Other than that the tape library functions normally with successful backups. This is critical because no tapes loading is allowed during office hours. What could be the problem here/ is it related to the tape library, server, operating system or Arcserve? Please help.


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Re: DLT 20/40 GB Tape Library

Hi Leslie,

Check the ff. for isolation:

1. Be sure you have an update service pack for Novell 5.x.

2. Be sure to connect your aoutoloder from separate scsi card (use Ultra LVD/SE SCSI2).

3. Load nwconfig, check if nwtape is loaded, if not try to install it and restart your system.

4. If you encouter "unbound device" eventhough you already installed updates patches, disregard let arcerve configure your device and loaders.

5. Check CA (arcserve support site) if they still providing an update patches for Arserve version 6.

Hope this helps,

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