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DLT 7000 2/15

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DLT 7000 2/15

I am about to acquire a C5173L (DLT 7000 2/15) with 2 drives... A few questions ... This has a set of interfaces, both differential and single ended for each drive along with a switch to specify which you are using. The manual indicates the drives to use the differential interface.. Is this required or can I use the SE interface? Also, can I use the second interface (for drive 2) attached to an entirely different machine? I want to hook up machine #1 to drive 1 and machine #2 to drive 2. Will this work?
Eugeny Brychkov
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Re: DLT 7000 2/15

You can use SE interface. Do not forget that at the end SCSI bus should be terminated. Place correct terminator or switch 'termination' dip switch to on position on the library. Manual is here
Note that DLT7000 drives are not supported as daisy-chained (read manual). Use HP LTT to check if library installed successfully