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DLT 718 Problem

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DLT 718 Problem

My DLT 718 does not work properly on my Windows NT 4.0 server, sometimes DLT recognize by server and the other time DLT unrecognize, so if I check via backup software, the drive Offline status. Please advise me about this problem, Thank you
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Re: DLT 718 Problem

If the problem is intermittent, it may be an issue with cabling or termination.

Is this a single ended or HVDS 718?

Does the library display report any errors? It normally says 'Loader Ready' on the lower line of the display.

You can install HP Library & Tape Tools ( and see if it recognizes the library and drive. If so, you can run the connectivity test and perhaps the drive read/write test (after loading a tape through the library front panel).
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