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DPE 3.5 SP2 Missing Devices & Licenses!!


DPE 3.5 SP2 Missing Devices & Licenses!!

Hope this is in the right forum - sorry if not!

I had a server crash due to an antivirus update that has caused all sorts of problems with DPE 3.5 SP2 (37634). The server is the Storage Domain Server with three other servers connecting. This has all worked fine for a number of years until the server crash!!

Now when I go into 'devices', they are all missing i.e there is the 'Network' option but where I would usually see all the servers and their local and DAS storage is blank.

Also if I go into the 'Help' menu and 'Licenses' there are no licenses visible. Stopping and starting the DPE service gives me the alert that the software is running on the evaluation license but this does not show in the licence window.


Any ideas where to start troubleshooting??