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Data Protector Express permissions issue

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Data Protector Express permissions issue

Hi everyone,


I use Data Protector Express 4.0 sp1 to back up and restore media and setups at the small post production house I work for. We've been using it for three years but recently upgraded from an internal HP LTO4 drive on one server to an external HP LTO5 drive on a second server. We have 2 backup and restore libraries set up - one for our Mac-based suites and one for our Linux Autodesk Flame system.


On the old system we had no issue with our restores from either of these libraries but since moving to the new server the Mac restores come in fine but the Flame restores give us permission errors when we try and copy them remotely from the restore directory. (Error -8084 in Finder and a similar permission error on Red Hat). We can move them around using the server itself. The Flame archives display Read and Write permissions in Finder and we can browe the folders, we just can't copy the contents. I can get around this by manually adding an 'Everyone' permission in Explorer/Properties/Security for the specific files but that's a little tedious.


My guess is somehow DPE has either stored the permissions this way with the initial backup or altered them on restore. Is there a way to force the restore job to set permissions to allow everyone access on restore? I've checked the setting between this job and the other restore job we run (the Mac media, different restore directory but no issues whatsoever) and the settings seem to be identical between the two.


Thank you for reading. As you may have guessed I'm not too IT proficient and am fumbling my way through the troubleshooting..