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Error starting (Compaq) Storageworks TL895

Occasional Visitor

Error starting (Compaq) Storageworks TL895

Every time we try and boot up the library and attempt to perform any action we get a "Extension Flag Missing"

Sense Key: 4
ASC: 83
ASCQ: 23

The user guide says that a 4/83/23 error is a "Extension Mechanical Position Error" and to run a "extension self-test". The thing is no one seems to know where the tapelib (Diagnostic Software) floppy is.

If someone could either give me the solution or send me a zip of the tapelib floppy that would be great.
Occasional Visitor

Re: Error starting (Compaq) Storageworks TL895

I found the Diagnostic Disk on the download site.

I would still appriciate it if someone could help me out with the problem.
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: Error starting (Compaq) Storageworks TL895

I'm not an expert on that particular library but I believe that error means that on a plunge operation the library failed to see a sensor trip. This is probably a sensor failure and will require a service call. The gripper assembly will probably need replaced.

If you are out of warrenty there is always the possibility that you could find/replace just the extension flag sensor but I don't have one of those libraries around to check so I can't offer any pointers.