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HP 10/180 LTO (A5617A)

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HP 10/180 LTO (A5617A)

How do I now if Tape Alert is turned on or how would I tell Veritas NB DC 3.4 HP-UX to clean the tape drives when the physical library requires it?
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Re: HP 10/180 LTO (A5617A)

The drives provide the TapeAlert status (CLEAN_NOW or CLEAN_PERIODIC). Note, my understanding is that DLT drives only set the CLEAN_NOW flag. TapeAlert is always enabled - you can't disable it. However, your application needs to check the TapeAlert Flags, and take appropriate action.

For Veritas, You need the following minimum patch: NB_34_2.clients_240979.tar
See for details.

This patch contains the following fix: On tape dismount, the CLEAN_NOW and CLEAN_PERIODIC TapeAlert flags are checked. If either of these flags are set, an automatic tape cleaning request is queued. Add support of NetBackup TapeAlert to Quantum DLT7000 and Quantum DLT8000.

From the Media Manager SA guide for Unix:

TapeAlert: This feature allows reactive cleaning for most drive types. TapeAlert
allows a drive to notify Media Manager when it needs to be cleaned. Media Manager
then performs the cleaning. You must have a cleaning tape configured for the robot...

A related Veritas technote on cleaning is available at:

On the L180/L700 you should DISABLE the library AUTOCLEAN feature, if you are using TapeAlert based cleaning from the ISV app.
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