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HP Backup

Clay Brown
Occasional Contributor

HP Backup

Yes, hello.

I have a few questions about the HP Backup process. I hope that you don't mind! I know that this isn't very Techinical!

At any rate, I've just completed the HP Recovery Backup and put them of CD's...

Then I did the Entire Drive (c:) backup and that I put on the c drive which was 12GB...

And finally I did the File Backup which I also put on the c drive....


My questions are this:

1. Is it necessary to do a file backup since I already did an entire disk backup? Does one cancel the other in other words, or am I right in doing the file backup as well.

2. With the System Restore Backup on CD's I needen't schedule another Backup since they are just the System disks, Once is enough, Right?

3. With the 'scheduled backups' I'm assuming that I should do so with the File backups... since that is what changes... or can I just get away with doing a new backup for the entire disk?

thanks... It is a bit confusing as the Hp manual on the hp backup doesn't really explain things much... Also the Windows backup system shows up during the process further adding to the confusion...