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HP DLT 8000 versus Others

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HP DLT 8000 versus Others

My current Quantum DLT autoloader device died and I am desparately reseraching another device. It is my understanding that Quantum makes most drives and everyone else brands Quantums drives. My question, is there a reason to purchase an HP branded autoloader versus a Quantum or Overland product. Going with the Overland product would allow me to move the device to the NT platform if I chose to do so at some pint in the future. (If this is not the place to voice such a question, any ideas on where I could get more info would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: HP DLT 8000 versus Others

The HP DLT also work with a NT or SUN or Linux.
The HP use a special Firmware for the Device which is tested with the HPUX Server and HP Netserver NT/LINUX.
So both side are tested.
So all Device are tested and work together.
The main think is work with DLT or go to LTO device.
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