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HP-LTO C7200 2/20

Frank Volbracht
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HP-LTO C7200 2/20

please help,

how to define a cleaning slot,
all tapes are with barcods also the cleanining tape.
Veritras Backup Exec knows that there are 19 slots with data tapes, but dit not know that there is a cleaning tape.
at the front panal everything is ok.

Veritas want to have a difined cleaning slot.

secound and last, what is a mailslot ?
my chois for this was 0 mailslot.
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Re: HP-LTO C7200 2/20

The 'mailslot' setting defines how many tapes in the right magazine can be used for importing/exporting media to/from the library. This is a setting of 0, 1, and 5. If you set this to zero, then all tapes are treated as storage slots (20 total in the 2/20). If this is non-zero, then those slots are subtracted from your available storage slots.

Does the cleaning tape also have a bar code label? If so, does this label show up in the library front panel display? If it doesn't have a label, does the library show this slot as having being full?

Usually you tell your ISV software which (storage) slot you have placed a cleaning tape, and that slot is treated special. I think there may also be a way to have your backup software import the cleaning tape from the mailslot (if you have one defined), and then it will move it to a slot which it will then remember.

The software keeps track of cleaning tape uses, and will expire the tape when the useage is exceeded (20 for DLT, 15 for Ultrium).

I'm not an expert on Veritas BE, so perhaps others could clarify exactly how this software manages a cleaning tape.
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