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HP RDX 320 how to recover files?

Angela Burrell
Occasional Contributor

HP RDX 320 how to recover files?

Hi everyone; I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section.

I have an HP StorageWorks RDX 320 USB, external. Plugged into our only Windows 2003 Standard domain controller/file server.

The software says that my system is "protected"

However, the other day I was deleting some old backup folders from the D partition, and one of them contained a folder from the C drive, which I did not realize was actually a junction and not a folder. I deleted it and therefore deleted its corresponding folder on the C drive which contained the group policy framework (I deleted them in the command prompt).

No big deal, thought I. I will just restore the accidentally deleted folder/files from my HP drive. (This was a day or 2 later when I realized it).

They were missing! It is as though when I deleted them from the hard drive, the "smart" HP CDP device deleted them too. (The containing folder was there and marked "deleted", however all the sub-folders and files that I deleted from the DOS prompt were just gone).

What the heck did I just pay several hundred dollars for?

FWIW, I was able to find the missing files on an old backup from before I bought the RDX 2 months ago. However I am VERY afraid this could happen again.

Can someone please explain how this RDX works and how I am supposed to be able to restore deleted files?

Is there any way I can set up scheduled backups and turn off the continuous data protection if it is going to delete files when I (or a user) do?