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HP RDX utilization


HP RDX utilization


I have to back up a 2.5TB of data with rdx backup system, and i have two cartridges: 1 of TB and  1 of 2TB. the 2TB is inserted and of course i need to tell the server that i will use the 1 TB when there's no more space on the 2TB. The problem is i don't know how to do it. Do i need to connect the two cartridges at the same time? buy another cardridge reader?

My second issue: i wanted to backup a hole partition(E:) in my server, there was already files in my cartridge so I excluded a folder to fit the remaining space. Now, i want to put the hole partition together on that same cartridge so i just formatted that same cartridge  and redo the config without excluding any folder. When the backup was completed, it stilll didn't back up the folder i excluded before . Seems like it kept the last config i did even if i changed it. How do i overwrite the last config i did on the same cartridge?

Third issue: if i plan the backup in rdx utility daily, what will it do when the first backup is completed? will it redo the hole backup + update of one day? or just add what changed the next day?

For information, i will put a screenshot to show you the software i use.