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HP SureStore Ult Autoloader 1/9 LV

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HP SureStore Ult Autoloader 1/9 LV

We have just bought HP SureStore Ult Autolder 1/9 LV and we found out that the cable which is shipped to Autoloader is 68pin SCSI VHDCI. We also have a HP Netserver P2465A LP1000r which has 68pin external SCSI HDCI connector and..that is problem. We need to 68pin HDCI to 68pin VHDCI SCSI cable. I would like to know HP part number to buy this cable. Thank??s lot.
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Re: HP SureStore Ult Autoloader 1/9 LV

I'm a little confused by your message... The 1/9 should have a 68 pin HD connector on the library controller, and I believe the cable that ships with it is a HD to VHD connector, which assumes that the host has a VHD connector on it. I could be wrong there though... I'll give you a little matrix of HP P/N's for HD-VHD and VHD-VHD cables, that should answer your question....

VHD-HD Cables:
C2361B - 1M
C2362B - 2.5M
C2365B - 5M
C2363B - 10M

VHD-VHD Cables:
C2371A - .5M
C2372A - 1M
C2373A - 2M
C2374A - 5M
C2375A - 10M

These are all Multimode Cables

-Barry Reider