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HP tape autoloader 1/9 LTO

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HP tape autoloader 1/9 LTO

Where can I find how many cleanings is possible with a cleaning cartridge C7979A, nothing can be found on the tape itself and I couldn't find any specifications on the web.
(After really long search I could only find, that for C7978A this number is 15, but the info wasn't placed in the obvious place like tech specs or features).
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Re: HP tape autoloader 1/9 LTO

I believe the non-universal (C7979A) and the universal (C7978A) cleaning cartridges both provide 15 cleanings in HP Ultrium drives.

The newer universal cleaning cartridge can also be used in non-HP Ultrium drives (and thus it's name). Note: the UCC requires a minimum version of HP Ultrium firmware (E1AV in library drives).

Also note: The number of UCC uses may vary in non-HP Ultrium drives, as they may choose to use a different amount of tape for one cleaning cycle.
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