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HP1/8 Autoloader & Arcserve 2000.

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HP1/8 Autoloader & Arcserve 2000.


I am running a compaq Proliant DL360 server with W2K Server OS, connected to a HP Ultrium C9572 1/8 Autoloader. BrightStor ARCserver 2000 Advanced Edition is working very well with the autoloader apart from one small nagging issue.. which is..

When a backup job fills up one of the tapes in the Autoloader, instead of moving onto the next tape and continuing with the backup job the ARCserve software simply prompts for the manual insertion of sequence (tape) 2.

This obviously defeats the object of having an autoloader so there must be a solution out there somewhere. I have searched through various forums with no success.

Any help would greatly appreciated, if I need to provided more informtion then pleasae do ask.
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Re: HP1/8 Autoloader & Arcserve 2000.

If other robotic activities are working, such as media inventories, I would look to make sure there is other labeled media available when the first tape fills.
Curtis Ballard
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Re: HP1/8 Autoloader & Arcserve 2000.

Check to make certain that the autoloader is running in stacker mode. There are two operating modes, stacker, and random. If the library is in stacker mode when the application finishes with a tape and issues a rewind/unthread then the autoloader automatically changes the tape. In random mode the application must move the tape.

If the tapes are being moved correctly all other times then it is possible that your application is not issuing the "unthread" when it fills a tape but is issuing the "unthread" when it completes a backup. If that is the case there may be a configuration in your application to change that behavior. I'm not familiar with BrightStor ARCserver 2000 so I can't say where to look for that.
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Re: HP1/8 Autoloader & Arcserve 2000.

I agree with Curtis,

His suggestion should solve your issue.