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Having trouble with SSL 1016 Autoloader

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Having trouble with SSL 1016 Autoloader

For the past couple of weeks, I've been having a lot of trouble with my robotic library. I am using Backup Exec 9.1, and up to a couple of weeks ago it was behaving fine. At this point, I can do "light" activities like inventories or erasing tapes, but backups uniformly fail. I am getting some errors in the event log like :

"\device\tape0, has a bad block" (event viewer error ID #7)

"The device, \Device\Scsi\adpu160m1, did not respond within the timeout period." (event viewer ID #9)

The device, \Device\Tape0, is not ready for access yet. (event viewer ID #15)

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Tape0. (event viewer ID #11)

The library is plugged into an Adaptec 39160 SCSI controller, and has worked without problem for months. Any hints/tips? The drive is still using the tapes that I bought it with years ago; is there any possibility the tapes are giving out, or is it more likely a drive or controller problem?

I am currently using the same SCSI adapter to host a regular, non-library SDLT drive. I am doubtful it's the adapter.
Jacob Zeeman
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Re: Having trouble with SSL 1016 Autoloader

Hi Jesse,

The above errors in the system event viewer are all consistent with out of date or corrupted SCSI controller drivers.

I can understand you being hesitant to suspect a controller issue. However if available can you attach the device to an integrated SCSI controller.

If you need to run some tests on the media. You can use HP Storage Works Library and Tape Tools to do a Media Analysis Test to verify the media itself.

Before running the utility please ensure there are no back-up services running.

Hope this helps.

Jake Zeeman
HP Server Storage