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How to verify the compatibility -EBS123


How to verify the compatibility -EBS123

Here is the configuration:
HP storageWorks 4/16 SAN switch
SUN 280R , solaris9 , X6767A HBA
NetApp F980 , NDMP
Veritas Netbackup NBU6

Could somebody guide me how to verify the compatibility ?
From EBS123-matrix:
- EML is supported with NBU (but no version specified)
- SUN/solaris9/X6767A is supported with NBU (also not specify verion)

All info in EBS is like (A,B) is compatable, (B,C) is compatible, (C,D) is compatible, But how about (A,B,C,D) ?
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Re: How to verify the compatibility -EBS123

usually the EBS compatibility matrix is used to add a new component in a SAN, so you already have some starting point, but if you want to start from scratch:
just check:
A > B
A > C
A > D
B > C
B > D
C >D
at thee end this is equivalent to A>B>C>D
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