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LT892 on Windows 2003

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LT892 on Windows 2003

Hello all,

I have a LT892 with 2 DLT7000 drives.
I work on HP ML570 G2 under Win2003.
The library and the 2 drives are connected on the same SCSI chain plugged on a SMART Array 5300 ( see document attached ).

The ID SCSI : 4=Library, 5=DLT0, 6=DLT1.

When a boot the server on the post of the SMART Array the 2 drives are detected but not the Library. And when the system is up, I can see the 2 drives but not the library and I can use it the my backup software.

First question : Normaly did I must see the librairy dectection on the post of the SMART Array ?
Second question : May be I missed on step ?
Third question : How can I do to setup the library in windows. Do you have a command (Unix like) to check each SCSI component connect on the server ?

Best Regards,