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LTFS Storeopen Automation Limitation

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LTFS Storeopen Automation Limitation

Hi   ; 


Our Company recently bought MSL 6480 Tape Library with two LTO6 FC Tape Drive . after physical installation and making a partiotion with all of 80 slots in the Librarry magazine we execute the HP StoraeOpen Automation and mount the partition . this is the message : 

" the selected librarary has a configuration which is not supported by HP StoreOpen automation. A tape library with a configuration of upto 4 drive and 48 slots is supported" . 

we do not know this is license limitation or software limitation or how to fix this . 

secound : 

we assumed  this is software limitation and we changed our partition and make it two .after executing HP StoreOpen automation both two partitions are visible for mount but after mount one partition the GUI is locked for mount another partion so we only can mount one partition. 

please help us solve our problems . 



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Re: LTFS Storeopen Automation Limitation

Hello elias1361,

LTFS Storeopen Automation supports a library with 4 drives and 48 slots. 

StoreOpen Automation UserGuide Feb 2015

Reference pages:

Supported configurations - page 7, Mount options in StoreOpen Automation - page 21

At any point only one library can be mounted. So if you wish to use all the slots, then here are your options:

1. Create two partitions (from the library). Each partition has a drive and the slots split between the two so as to not exceed the software limitation of 48slots per partition. Map both partitions to the host and mount one library/partition at a time to use.
2. Create two partitions and present them to two different hosts. Then you may use LTFS automation utility on the two hosts as separate instances.