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Licensing issues with Data Protector Express 3.10sp4

Frode Nygaard
Occasional Visitor

Licensing issues with Data Protector Express 3.10sp4


I bought a HP server with a LTO3 tape drive in order to back up my small lab. This came with a Data Protector Express Single Server edition, so I upgraded this to the full version using kit BB117AT in order to be able to back up my windows server in addition to my linux servers. As far as I could read from the licensing information on HP's site this seemed OK.

Now, a couple of months later DPE has disabled all of my windows server objects due to "expired evaluation license", and I can't figure out why. All windows server objects have a yellow exclamation mark, and diagnostics say "object disabled".

Status on the licensing page shows I'm running the upgraded license, it also says I'm using 1 servers out of 20 maximum. Up until the windows servers expired it said I was using 5 out of 20 licenses. What is going on?
The licensing status also says "Domain server platforms: Linux". What does this mean? Do I have to buy more licenses in order to back up multiplatform environments?

Can anyone help me understand how this licensing works?
Frode Nygaard
Occasional Visitor

Re: Licensing issues with Data Protector Express 3.10sp4

Here's the licensing info