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MSL 2024 locks up

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MSL 2024 locks up

I have a MSL 2024 with LTO 2 tapes connected to a windows 2008 server and using symantic backup ecec 12.5. It seemed to work ok untl I enabled and began the barcode reader both enabling the device and the software. It will freeze at any moment when going through the diagnostics and if just left alone. I have to unplug to reboot. I realize my failed backups are something to do withe my poor familiiarization with barcode readers in the libraries.This tape library is crital backup for all data utilizing10 TB of data. Any suggestions? thanks
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Re: MSL 2024 locks up

Which bar code labels are you using? Which media? Did the media come pre-labeled, or did you put them on yourself?

Having labels on the media normally makes things a lot faster, because the reader reads the label and doesn't have to test for a tape being in each slot. In addition, the information on which labels are in which slots is given to the backup application, so it knows (by correlating with its database) which backup jobs are on which tapes.

Symptoms you're relating almost seem like you've got labels that aren't up to snuff. Self-printed labels can cause problems because the label and the black have to be a rather particular reflectivity to avoid confusing the reader.

Other things to check -- make sure you're on the latest version of firmware for drive and library. Library and Tape Tools (free download at , look under 'value add software') will check for upgrades and do the upgrade for you.

If firmware is up to date, you can also use Library and Tape Tools to generate a support ticket on the library; post it here and we can do some additional investigation.
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