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Out of network use of ndmagent causes performance clampdown on W2K laptop...

Dr. Ingmar Gutberlet
Occasional Visitor

Out of network use of ndmagent causes performance clampdown on W2K laptop...


I just installed a my PC25 and installed the client on my laptop in the office.

However, I lug my laptop around all of the time (home, office, plane, ...) and I do not use DUN, but I always use normal router/switch based networks whereever I go, so the DUN settings in the application do not apply to me.

When the client starts, it assumes to be on the preconfigured network segment and practically starts a storm of packets to port 9999 as broadcast and server-IP packets in order to find the server. Being at differing locations the server will most of the time NOT be available and the server-IP will not even be a valid routable adress most of the time.

However, instead to just informing me of this condition and stopping, the client keeps trying ALL the time with enormous numbers of tries that bring the computer to a grinding halt performance wise. I can practically not use the mouse or keyboard during this and the computer is rendered useless.

So, my question is if there is any way to keep the client from coming up during bootup or to stop trying if it can't get through. Editing the services properties to "Manual" start mode does NOT do it and I really don't want to deactivate the client completely if I do not have to, since I DID buy it for a purpose...

Anyone with suggestion or ideas on this??