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RDX Hardware Compression

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RDX Hardware Compression

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me for definate whether HP RDX drives support hardware compression?

I have a new RDX drive C8S07A which works but does not compress anything.

The literature implies compression but doesnt state whether this is hardware or software.

Using it with Backup Exec i can enable software compression and compression works but the job takes too long.

Any guidance would be welcome.

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Re: RDX Hardware Compression

Ok so to answer my own question...

In the small print on the data sheet is says that the RDX "assumes application based compression".

Once again HP are not very clear about specifications and you have to dig to find out something quite basic which is openly advertised on LTO drives.

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Re: RDX Hardware Compression

As long as you don't store text files only you should calculate with a ratio of 1:1 only, because 2:1 as advertised is normally not possible and pure marketing.

Same for LTO drives ...



Hope this helps!

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Re: RDX Hardware Compression


My point here is that the website does is not clear about the compression.

You have to dig into the tech docs to see that it "assumes software compression".

I have been caught out by HP before on unclear specifications and marketing!