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RDX StorageWorks Eject Issue

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RDX StorageWorks Eject Issue

Hi Guys

Have just built up a Windows SBS2k8 on a brand new Proliant ML330 G6 with an internal RDX Storageworks 160G backup device fitted.

The RDX Continuous Data Protection program appears to be running ok and is backing up the system data. What bugs me is when I try to change cartridges using the Eject function down on the RDX Status area. It comes back with the prompt “HP RDX (E) is currently in use... Save any open files on the this disc, and then close the files or programs using the files before ejecting the disc.” Then the RDX status window sits on “Ejecting disc, please wait” That status stays like that forever...!
I am not aware of any open files or applications running....

The only way we can eject the cartridge is from Windows Explorer. Right clicking on the drive and hitting Eject there works. But,... when we insert another cartdridge the RDX status window keeps flashing “Please insert a new cartridge” Again that will sit like that forever. ..
We can also eject using the RDX eject button on the device itself but we get the same result in the RDX status window when a new cartridge is inserted.
Rebooting the server will set things back to normal again but that seems a little draconian every time we want to change cartridges – lol.

Any idea welcome. There’s not much info on the HP support and drivers site that’s for sure.

Dan Walkes
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Re: RDX StorageWorks Eject Issue

Hi Mike
Have you installed the HP RDX tools which were shipped on the CD and available at ?

The installer contains an eject service which runs in the background and fixes problems with button and right-click eject on windows platforms.

You may also be interested in the RDX support forum at: