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RDX install error - is there a way to uninstall old version

Occasional Contributor

RDX install error - is there a way to uninstall old version

Hi all


After an RDX drive failure, we purchased a new drive, and I decided to install the latest software on the CD.


However, I get an error, that despite uninstalling the old software from Control Panel, that still persists, which is:-



The HP RDX Protection (3.0.512.10890) oftware was not installed because the HP RDX Protection (3.0.512.9044) software is already installed in this computer.

The two products are incomppatible and cannot be installed on a computer at the same time.


If you wish to install the RDX Protection (3.0.512.10890) software, you must furst uninstall the HP RDX Protection (3.0.512.9044) software. Directions to uninstall the software can be found in the online help guide, accessed by right-clicking on the HP RDX Protection product icon in your System Tray and selectinh "Help" from the menu.


Well, the software isn't in the Add/Remove list and there is no icon in the system tray.


Any suggestions on how to resolve this would be most gratefully received so that we can resume backup protection ASAP.

If it helps, this is on a Windows 2003 SBS server