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ReadElementStatus for a Cap ?

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ReadElementStatus for a Cap ?

I have a little probleme with my L2/20 librairie ... The ReadElementStatus SCSI command does not work for the CAP ??? I can't read the barcode of a cartridge when I inserted one ... the LCD panel show well the good code bare but the ReadElementStatus does not work ... (with the type Storage and/or E/S ) .. ?? is it normal ?? what can I do ... (I have patched my firmware withe the 1.30)
Eric de Lange_2
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Re: ReadElementStatus for a Cap ?


What backup software are you using with the 2/20 library ? Also, if the software reports that a Read Element Status command does not work, it probably responded with some SCSI sense data which might be logged. Could you tell us what that sense data was ?

It looks something like

Sensekey (SK)=
Additional Sense code (ASC)=
Additional Sense code qualifier(ASCQ)=

Also, how is your library connected to the host and does the host (if windows) log anything in the system eventlog ?

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Re: ReadElementStatus for a Cap ?

Thanks u for your answer !! in fact its my own software that I develop ... I think I have resolved the problem .... When the Cap is closed ... the system has to wait for 10 seconde before doing a ReadElementStatus ... else the result is heratic .... regards, E