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SSL1016 autoloader/library not detected

SSL1016 autoloader/library not detected

Hi, I have an SSL 1016 Ultrium 460 connected to an HP ProLiant DL380 G4 that has an Adaptec 29160LP SCSI card installed.  The problem I have is that the autoloader/library is not being detected, although the tape drive itself is.  I have tried updating firmware on the autoloader and the SCSI card, updating drivers, changing SCSI ID's, swapping cables and terminators, switching the ports the cable/terminator are plugged in to.  NOTHING is working.  Windows sees an "Unknown Media Changer" -- sometimes.  HP Library & tape tools sees ONLY the drive -- not the library.


This is insane.  Any ideas?


Re: SSL1016 autoloader/library not detected



I presume HBA and tape autoloader drivers and BIOS has already been taken care of. try the following steps


1) check in SSL menu if both autoloader and drive has different scsi ID. refer to attached guide.

2)check in adaptec BIOS if multiple lun support is enabled.


Let me know if it helps