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Strange Noise from Surestore 418

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Strange Noise from Surestore 418

I had a stuck tape that I had to remove manually by taking out the drive and then the tape. The leader on the tape ended up being broken. After putting the drive back in exactly as taken out, there is a noise that sounds like the leader in the machine is spinning about every 45 secs. Any ideas on possible solutions? Thanks ahead of time.
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Re: Strange Noise from Surestore 418

Your drive most likely has a "dropped leader". The leader is a stiff piece of tape that attaches to the takeup reel, and then hooks to the buckling arm at the rear of the tape slot. When a tape is loaded, the leader grabs the tape loop (the end of the tape), and pulls it into the drive. When the leader is "dropped" from the point where it normally latches to the buckling arm (with no tape loaded), it gets pulled into the drive. When the drive attempts to load a tape, you hear a flapping sound. If your autoloader is under warranty, you will need to get it replaced. If it's not you can look at the following document:
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