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SureStore DLT818 Autoloader compatibility

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SureStore DLT818 Autoloader compatibility

Can I use this unit with a HP 9000 K-class server? What interface card for the HP box do I need?
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Re: SureStore DLT818 Autoloader compatibility

The 818 came in two flavors: LVDS, and HVDS.

The LVDS is C6282NB, and the HVDS is C6282RA, when sold through the commerical channel (as a SureStore product).

The HVDS version was also sold as the SureStore E, A1375A product.

You'll need to have an interface card (Wide SCSI) that matches your specific device. I think the standard options on a k-class were an HVDS HSC card, and built-in narrow SE SCSI. If your k-class has an HPPB bus, then there's the option of a wide SE card. You can run an LVDS device on an SE card, although the bus speed may be limited. Hopefully you have an HVDS 818.
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