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Surestore Autoloader 1/8 "Door locked"

Occasional Contributor

Surestore Autoloader 1/8 "Door locked"

When trying to export a tape using the front panel, nothing happens and the display says "Door locked".


After turning the unit off/on the tapes could be removed.

And, btw. the import/export command does not work from the Backup Exec device manager, nothing happens. Is this a known issue?

Regards, Ole Thomsen
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: Surestore Autoloader 1/8 "Door locked"

If you have it attached to a windows host the remote storage manager has probably claimed the autoloader. RSM will issue a reserve unit command which effectively locks it.
Occasional Contributor

Re: Surestore Autoloader 1/8 "Door locked"

The RSM service is running, but the device is disabled (state=not present).

It happens at a customer, and unfortunately i haven't been present when it happens, so far this is three times.

Yesterday i had the operator confirm that the autoloader wasn't in an error state when starting the export, and on a remote connection i could see that Backup Exec was not running any jobs.

Again, turning the unit off/on solved the problem.

I have a lot of other problems with Backup Exec and the robotics, but that's worth another thread... :-)

Regards, Ole