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Tape Stuck in Drive c6280-4000

Troy Ryan
Occasional Visitor

Tape Stuck in Drive c6280-4000

We tried:
Translate Test: OK
Rewind Media: Faild 39h
Open Drv Handle: Faild B6h

Any more ideas?
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: Tape Stuck in Drive c6280-4000

The error 39H indicates that the autoloader was unable to attempt the test for some reason and never sent the rewind to the drive. Here it probably means that there was some sort of drive communication problem. You can run the "Initialize Mechanism" test to reset the drive communications and reinitialize the autoloader.

The open drive handle test will almost never work until the rewind media test has been successful.

To have the best chance of success insure that the autoloader has been turned on for quite a while, at least 15-20 minutes, then run the rewind test and the open handle test.

If you turn the autloader off while a tape is in the drive DLT drives can spend a long time running internal tests before they are done. If you don't have firmware 2.12 your front panel will say the drive is idle. In 2.12 a method was found to determine the drive was running a self test. If you have 2.12 you have to wait for "DRV SELF TEST" to go away or the drive will never unload because it ignores all autloader commands while running self tests.

Please post any additional details you have. Do you hear any sounds while waiting for an unload? The three most common I would describe as: occasional flutter, occasional buzz, occasional click.
Troy Ryan
Occasional Visitor

Re: Tape Stuck in Drive c6280-4000

I took the drive apart and found out the tape had come out of the cartridge and was wraped around the drive. Sent it in for repair.