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a5587a dlt library 6/60

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a5587a dlt library 6/60

ndicator light (power bar) -unit powers on with an orange & green, then it goes orange & powers itself willn't come on.
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Re: a5587a dlt library 6/60

The library controller does not have the ability to turn itself off, so it might be the power-supply shutting itself down (due to over-current).

Has anything changed recently? Was the unit working, and then stopped working?

The library should go from the orange/green to solid green after about 12 seconds. At the same time the solenoids (to look the doors) should all click, and the drives are turned on. After a few more seconds the green bar should change to flashing green will the library is testing.

Do you hear the solenoids click?

Some things to check would be shorts in the soleniod or power-switch wiring. You could also pull all the drives out (about an inch), to see if there is a short in one of the drives.
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