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autoloader 1/9 firmware update error

Ayrin Hilbert
Occasional Visitor

autoloader 1/9 firmware update error

Using Tape tools I tried to upgrade the firmware in my autoloader 1/9 (ultrium). The update of the drive failed. When I rebooted the server the drive (SCSI) is not detected. Tape tools finds the autoloader but cannot attach to it (RSM and backup exec services have been stopped) and does not find the drive (no SCSI id was assigned at boot).

What can I do now?
Trusted Contributor

Re: autoloader 1/9 firmware update error

Please send a LTT Tool Status Report (generated under the help menu of LTT) and all the EventLog*.ltt files in the logs folder of the LTT installation to That allows to analyze your situation better.

In some rare occasions a firmware update can leave the drive in a state where it does not respond to SCSI commands anymore.

If this is the case, the drive may have to be replaced. We can make that determination after reviewing the log files.