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change ip to NSR

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change ip to NSR

hi every one,


I have to change the ip segment to a backup server and library 6030 with a NSR card, and I have a doubt if I have to change the IP to the NSR or if not necesary. Is necesary to modify something more in the NSR if you change the IP on backup server?. there is some document where explain this?


thank you in advance

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Re: change ip to NSR

The network connection on the NSR is used for management purposes only. Backups will continue as normal. The only time you will need to change the configuration on the NSR is when you make changes to the SAN or one of it's components (Zoning, FC HBA, etc).


I suggest following reading material:

EBS Design Guide

SAN Design Guide


hope this helps,



PS. If you run Data Protector then changing the IP address of the server will require a modification of the licensing as it is based on the IP address of the server.


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Re: change ip to NSR

thank you Eric for the quick response.