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dpwingad.exe/dpwinsdr Application Hang - causing backups to fail

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dpwingad.exe/dpwinsdr Application Hang - causing backups to fail

Our server has Data Protector Express v5.0

It has been working flawlessly, for about two years, until last week.  I have narrowed it down to an application hang (one of these, not sure which yet...dpwinsdr.exe/DPWINGAD.exe)


The past few days during testing/research, I have been forcing it to run the next schedule as we badly need to get the server backed up. It continuously fails.


All looks well during the Building backup list, which can takes hours to complete.  When I check on it later I find that I cannot open the Data Protector Express Basic window (admin window to see jobs, media, status, and logs). Wheh I try to open the Data Protector Express Basic window, it gets hung on "initializing user interface."


I check the tape library to see if it is busy, it is not.  I then end the tasks for all of the Data Protector Express processes.  After doing so, I can open the Data Protector Express Basic window.


I have Googled the heck out of this issue, but cannot find anything helpful. 


Has anyone had this issue and if so, what has been done to resolve the issue?


Thank you,

Mark P

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Re: dpwingad.exe/dpwinsdr Application Hang - causing backups to fail

Resolved (I think)


I was able to get it to back up a folder without any further issues. 

To resolve this issue, I uninstalled the application from the server and deleted the Data Protector Express directory from the server.

I re-installed the software (evaluation mode until you add your license/s to the application)

I obviously lost all of the created backups, configuration, media listing, and database, which is fine as I need to get this up and running and create a backup.  Be sure to take a look at your media and backup job setup before uninstalling the software. 


After re-installing, I created a test backup and was able to successfully backup a selected folder (be sure to uncheck "Create DR bootable media" in the configuration, or you will receive an error about this.)


Hope this helps.

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Re: dpwingad.exe/dpwinsdr Application Hang - causing backups to fail

Hi Mark,


thanks for that information and just to add, in such situations, you can make a copy of the "database" folder in the install location of Data protector express(DPX) before uninstalling the software and once you complete the fresh install, you can replace the new database file with the old one.


You will have to stop the DPX services, rename the new database file and paste the old database file in the same location. Start the services and open the DPX GUI and you should be able to see your old configuration



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