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surestore 24x6 dds3 and adaptec 2940uw bios

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surestore 24x6 dds3 and adaptec 2940uw bios

I have a 24x6e dds3 dat autoloader on a dedicated adaptec 2940uw.. What would be the optimum bios settings that would give me the highest throughput? The tape drive has a narrow scsi2 connector. I am using Novastor 8.0 for the backup software.. Their tech supp page suggests turning OFF the Sync Negotiation. What is the effect of turning off the Sync Negotiation? Are there any other settings I should use?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions..

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Re: surestore 24x6 dds3 and adaptec 2940uw bios


The drive is a narrow device, so it is perfectly happy with SCSI BIOS settings:

Bus speed 10MB/s
No Sync negotiation
No Wide negotiation