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surestore 818 (with dlt 8000) tape leader came loose :(

Danny Zak
Occasional Visitor

surestore 818 (with dlt 8000) tape leader came loose :(


who hasn't had the problem already :) dlt tape drives with loose tape leaders ..

well .. i just had a dlt tape that did detach the leader from the plastic leader holder :(

anyone has got a solution to fix this (without opening the machine), anyhow .. the unit still contains the "evil" tape who did cause this problem, it won't come out, and i get constantly the device failure..

is this problem covered by the standard waranty clausule of HP.

Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: surestore 818 (with dlt 8000) tape leader came loose :(

There isn't anything that can be done to reattach the leader without returning the drive to the repair center. If you have version 2.12 firmware there is an "EMERGENCY UNLOAD" test that can almost always get tapes out of the drive on 818 autoloaders but the leader will still be dropped and you should not load that tape in another drive unless you can verify that it wasn't the cause of the dropped leader.
You will have to call HP support to ask about warrenty coverage.