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Attachments in exchange 2003 server.

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Attachments in exchange 2003 server.

What is the default attachment size in Exchange 2003 server.

And by default, exchange 2003 server blocks the exe files., But I don't want all the exe files to block. The users may need some exe files which came through attachment.

So, how should I configure exchange 2003 server to receive some(selected) exe files.

Thanks in advance.
Jon Finley
Honored Contributor

Re: Attachments in exchange 2003 server.

You REALLY don't want to disable this feature. The accepted work-around has always been to change the EXE extension to something like XYZ or EEE where it's an "unknown" extension. Neither Exchange NOR Outlook will then attempt to block the attachment.

The User just saves the file locally, then changes the extension back to EXE to make it usable.

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Rune J. Winje
Honored Contributor

Re: Attachments in exchange 2003 server.

The default attachment size limit i 10MB

I agree with the previous post. But... anyway if you want to allow .exe attachments you have to edit the Outlook 2003 registry key called Level1Remove


Regarding blocking of .exe on the server itself I don't think it blocks anything by default, so either someone configured it or an antivirus (more likely) program is blocking/stripping .exe attachments.