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Netraid Controller

Jason Fritsch
Occasional Visitor

Netraid Controller

We recently acquired a Compaq proliant 7000. It was a Netraid-3 controller in
it. I configured the array in the configuration screan (ctrl-m) However, I
can not install Win nt.... I download the drivers from HP but they are not the
oem drivers. When prompted for the driver disk (after hitting "S" for
additional storage devices) it said it was missing the file "txtsetup.oem"
which is only available from the oem driver set. Nowhere on hp's site is this
driver available. Does anyone know how to overcome this problem?

the driver i currently have is nrdrvnt40.exe
so it is not this one.
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Netraid Controller

Hi Jason,

I just downloaded the latest driver and I know what you're talking about now.
I'm not sure why we put part of the driver out there and left part of it on the
NetServer Navigator (which you don't have!). I think this was probably on
oversight on our part.

If you can wait until tomorrow, I'll make you a diskette and just send the
files to you in email. You can then put the files on a floppy and copy the two
new files onto it.

I'll send the files to you at the email address you specified in your original
posting. I will also speak to someone in our division about this problem.
Thanks for your patience!

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
Occasional Visitor

Re: Netraid Controller

I also have the same problem. Can anyone send me the drivers or tell me where I may download them?