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Questions on Proxy 2.0; part of SBS 4.5

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Richard Darling
Trusted Contributor

Questions on Proxy 2.0; part of SBS 4.5

I'm back...being a little cautious about making changes to something that works 90%...

Our HR dept accesses and updates data on the web. The vendor requires that port 9000 be open both ways for TCP.

When the user attempted to access with the "Use a Proxy Server" checked in the LAN settings of Internet Options in IE 5.5 checked the program hangs and she can't get in. By unchecking this option she is able to accesss the site.

I printed out the white paper "Understanding Proxy Server", and opened the MS Mgt Console, selected properties for the Winsock Proxy; then the protocols tab; add:
name; port 9000; TCP outbound
then added port 9000 TCP inbound and outbound for port ranges for subsequent connections; then "apply".

I reran the msplcnt.exe on the client, rebooted, and it still didn't connect with the proxy server enabled.

read some more...went to MS Mgt Console, went to service tab, selected Security, and then received the message "packet filtering can't be external interface card.."

I know I have an external card...called the vendor who installed the SBS for me, and got no help...

At this point I am reluctant to make changes before bouncing this off others...

Richard Darling
Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: Questions on Proxy 2.0; part of SBS 4.5

Hi Richard,

I know what you mean about not wanting to change anything, especially when you are this close with SBS. I found a couple of articles that might help you. Check them out and double check the configuration. The first article is specific to the error you're getting and the second is general proxy config info.

Please let us know how it goes.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
Richard Darling
Trusted Contributor

Re: Questions on Proxy 2.0; part of SBS 4.5

The external card is in the LAT. I am going to take it out and reboot tonight. Thanks for the information...