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Reactivating Pre-loaded MS Office post Windows Reinstall

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Reactivating Pre-loaded MS Office post Windows Reinstall

Encountered multiple "Delayed Write Failed" errors immediately after initial set-up of machine. After lengthy call with support specialist (case No. 4613424244) it was determined the best course would be to uninstall and reinstall Windows. Thereafter, upon reinstalling Office '07 (factory installed) and trying to reactivate the provided license key would not work. After 2 more active chat sessions with support specialist (case nos. 4613483455 & 4613683027), which included shipping me a new Office trial disk (which was worthless), and telling me I would have to contact MS for assistance it took my having to demand to be elevated to the next support level before the problem was taken seriously and actually looked at. Problem was finally solved quickly thereafter by specialist simply providing me with a link to MS ( where "back-up" copy could be downloaded, installed and re-activated. Way too much time was lost on this problem that had a very simple solution, if the time had been taken to listen and review previous cases, whose numbers had been provided. See attached.
Bobby Sledge
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Re: Reactivating Pre-loaded MS Office post Windows Reinstall

The version you had installed was the trial version of MS office. It was not the full version. HP does not ship computers with the full version installed.