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question about Ease Outlook plugin

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question about Ease Outlook plugin

hi all,

we are considering buying this outlook plugin for archiving but we noticed something that is bugging us;

after having installed the plug-in, a toolbar is added to outlook. if i uncheck the toolbar so it is no more visible, when i change folder in outlook, the toolbar comes back on its own.

is it a bug? or as designed?

please give me some information.

thank you!



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Daniel Asbridge
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Re: question about Ease Outlook plugin

Also wondering about this issue. It is kind of a bothersome item. Your referring to the toolbar being undocked on top of the windows also, right? We are trying to nail that one down too. I am also trying to isolate an issue about non-admin users, (standard privileges) not being able to use Ease plugin in Win 7. It works for admin (elevated privilege) users.