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Data Protection: Aren’t You Tired of Feeling “Stuck”…with Your Current Backup Solution?

StephenSpellicy ‎01-07-2014 09:30 AM - edited ‎02-19-2015 12:39 PM

Over the past holiday season, many of us were following a story south of the border, actually the southernmost point on Earth – Antarctica!


Fifty-two brave souls (the ship’s crew and scientists) stuck it out on their research ship as they waited for someone to save them from their situation. Rumor has it that they had food, music, and plenty of champagne to toast in the New Year, so I don’t feel too bad for them.   




If you missed the news, the research team was literally stuck in ice for 9 days.  I hate to spoil the ending for those not following the story, but they all got out safely, airlifted via a helicopter thanks to the Chinese government.  Like Superman, the helicopter swooped in and lifted up these folks in groups of 10, moving them to safety, somewhere warm, far away from the ice-locked ship …


In our “day to day” lives within IT we often get “stuck” in processes and tools that no longer work the way we need them to.  After all, the world we live in now is highly dynamic, requirements are diverse and expectations on uptime have never been higher.  It used to be that we could live without email for a few days, now, if access to twitter is down it could mean negative press, a mass exodus of followers from the service and even worse, an adverse impact to the stock price…


In fact, many customers that I speak with often get stuck in the “business as usual” mentality, especially when we design and deploy IT solutions within their data centers.  What worked and delivered scale in the mid 2000s isn’t going to cut it in today’s “always-on” data center.   It’s going to require a much different approach now.  Today, infrastructure and data center services need to be more intimate and integrated into the application layer. 


In my world of backup and recovery, you might even say the typical backup admin get stuck in the mindset that he or she needs to manage every aspect of the operation.  These are very smart folks with lots of tasks to complete in a single day; they can’t be mired down in details on every aspect/nuance of the applications that they asked to protect. 


You could argue that the people that know how to protect applications data best are the people who own the application itself, such as the application owner or app admin.  For instance, who knows SAP better than a SAP admin?  Even the backup guy would agree with me on that…


Recently, we announced Data Protector 8.1, and one of the new and exciting features of that release is the support and integration with SAP HANA.  In fact, with DP 8.1 we are empowering the SAP HANA admin with the ability to manage backup/recovery of their environment directly within the native context of SAP HANA. 



 We do this by leveraging direct API integration with SAP’s Backint APIs, which enable backup/recovery applications, like Data Protector to be able to protect this industry leading in-memory, and scale-out database architecture.


This unique approach of offering “application owner-driven” protection enables the SAP HANA admin to:


  • Back up a complete SAP HANA database and redo logs while the database is online
  • Restore your data and perform database recovery to the state at a specific point in time or the most recent restorable state
  • Data Protector sessions for backing up, restoring, or recovering an SAP HANA database can only be invoked from an SAP HANA Appliance user interface

 With HP’s Adaptive Backup & Recovery initiative, for which Data Protector 8.1 is the start of a wild ride, we are taking a new/unique approach to delivering data protection to the ever changing, highly dynamic/diverse and SLA-driven data center.  This fresh approach offers a layer of adaptive intelligence, such as the SAP HANA integration, that makes backup much smarter and much more efficient!


Find out more details on HP’s Adaptive Backup & Recovery and Data Protector 8.1 here:






About the Author


Stephen Spellicy is known as a virtualization and data protection subject matter expert with 17+ years of experience in the technology industry. As the Director of Product Management for Data Protection within HP Software's Division, he manages a portfolio of software products that over 60k customers leverage worldwide. His expertise within the backup/recovery, storage, virtualization, and cloud technology areas have also gained him recognition with HP internally and externally, with many contributed articles published technology focused magazines & periodicals.

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