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Data Protection: Backup is history, as we know it

StephenSpellicy ‎11-21-2013 09:14 AM - edited ‎02-19-2015 12:39 PM

If you have been in the IT industry for a while like I have, then you know that things have only gotten more complex.  If you look back a decade or so you will recall the world was fairly simple, infrastructure was homogeneous, application data stayed inside the four walls of the data center, and technologies to improve resource utilization, scale, performance were in their infancy…


For instance, backup and recovery, one of the oldest core IT functions, was quite simple in nature. Things like concerns around maintenance windows for planned downtime and recovery expectations on unplanned downtime were much lower, and in some cases, both were seen as non-threatening to business.


Your backup was likely based on a nightly schedule and likely leveraged traditional approaches, such as tape-based media, which was used to store multiple point-in-time copies of the data. The idea of disaster recovery for “important” transactional data was likely met by sending those same tapes offsite to secure vaults in a different physical facility.

Flash forward to today where we live in an entirely different world.  IT organizations have evolved and transformed rapidly and dramatically.


This transformation has been largely driven by major shifts in how we create, access and utilize information:


  • New and dynamic applications within data center driving data growth and making traditional static “set it and     forget it” complex backup and recovery approaches ineffective
  • An increasingly mobile workforce is creating and consuming business data through an array of mobile devices resulting in a sea of dynamic data building at the edge of organization’s IT infrastructure, often in remote locations with different resources and systems
  • Increased adoption of cloud and virtualization are creating unintended new data silos and additional management complexity
  • We are “always on” – most businesses operation 24x7 and have completely obsoleted the concept of “backup windows” and scheduled maintenance downtimes

 These trends have transformed both IT and business organizations into a much more complex, diverse, and dynamic entities meaning that IT staff are under tremendous amount of pressure to be more agile to meet rapidly evolving business requirements. We are all now doing more with less.  But the expectations are higher than ever… Yesterday’s static “set it and forget-it” backup and recovery approach no longer fits today’s new style of IT.




Nowadays, we have way too much data, not enough time to protect it and we are looking at multiple approaches such as tape, disk to disk, deduplication, snapshot integration to provide hardware assisted backup to name a few. We need to use whateverwe have in our arsenal to get the job of backup done, doing whatever it takes, in the little time we have each day.  Our businesses demand it and sometimes IT has had to  make tough calls on what to protect and what not to protect to meet that expectation.  


At the end of the day, we don’t need just a backup – what we really need is business resiliency!  


That’s why we’re taking a new, fresh and unique approach to data protection…




HP’s Adaptive Backup & Recovery approach goes beyond traditional backup and recovery requirements to deliver business resiliency, scale, resource efficiency -- all critical to meet today’s dynamic data center and business requirements. It leverages application and data intimacy and real-time operational analytics to decide when, where, and how data should be protected and be available.  At the heart of HP’s Adaptive Backup & Recovery initiative is adaptive intelligence, which adjusts backup priorities to dynamically changing data, applications, and business requirements.   We are making backup & recovery smarter and more efficient.  Though the use of advanced integrations with technologies such as HP StoreOnce, we are providing business resiliency and a massive improvement as to how we protect and store information.


HP’s approach offers flexible deployment options to optimize backup and recovery for data stored in the various repositories within physical, virtual, and cloud environments.  With adaptive intelligence, customers can “look ahead”, think of it as your GPS for backup and recovery, enabling IT professionals to avoid problems/resource conflicts in their backup environment, helping them to better optimize their backup infrastructure. By leveraging operational analytics, IT can determine the right frequency of protection and for how long data should be retained.


Finally Adaptive Backup & Recovery delivers business resiliency by integrating deeply within the data center infrastructure, orchestrating protection of storage infrastructure and mission critical applications through the use of advanced API integration - providing turnkey, adaptive data protection for your mission-critical environments, without the use of complex scripting or 3rd party tools.


Backup is history, as we know it, it’s time to rethink your approach to the challenge of protecting the data center of today and tomorrow -- it’s time to adapt.



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Stephen Spellicy is known as a virtualization and data protection subject matter expert with 17+ years of experience in the technology industry. As the Director of Product Management for Data Protection within HP Software's Division, he manages a portfolio of software products that over 60k customers leverage worldwide. His expertise within the backup/recovery, storage, virtualization, and cloud technology areas have also gained him recognition with HP internally and externally, with many contributed articles published technology focused magazines & periodicals.

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