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Data Protection: How Reliable is Your Cloud Data Protection Provider?

StephenAldous ‎08-07-2013 12:36 PM - edited ‎02-19-2015 12:27 PM

All businesses are looking to reduce costs and improve responsiveness by storing the right data for the right time in the right location. With that in mind, many are choosing a cloud infrastructure to improve backup and recovery operations and SLAs. But as they transition from the traditional data center to the cloud, new issues arise regarding access, control and security.


When you’re looking to leverage the cloud for a data protection & recovery service provider, you’ll want to ensure your data will be secure, available, and protected with a trusted provider.


This is Part 1 of a 2 part blog. Part 1 will cover reliability and Part 2 covers security and availability.


Your data costs your organization a lot of money, time and resources to generate. It is a valuable business asset and may contain information that is subject to different compliance requirements. These may determine what you need to store, for how long and in what format. Make sure you identify what you have and your requirements first before starting you search for a provider.


As you start to evaluate vendors one of the key items you should check for is experience. You should be looking for a mature and proven solution. The vendor must be able to offer reference customers, demonstrate their skill sets and prove (with certificates) their security audits.


While “cloud” is the latest buzzword and trend, it is important to note that it isn’t new. There are many new start-ups and organizations expanding to offer cloud data protection services, but it’s crucial to consider the pedigree of your solution vendor before entrusting it with your corporate data.


HP Autonomy have been in the data protection and recovery business for a long time, and have mature products and services with over 15 years of expertise behind them as a result. Not many people know much about this part of our business so I thought I would share with you some little known facts and figures I find interesting and worth highlighting.


Connected Backup is our endpoint (laptop / desktop / mobile) data protection solution, designed for the enterprise and spans all the way down to small businesses and individual users. Connected Backup is offered in licensed software (on-premise), cloud and hybrid deployment models.

This solution:

  • Had global deduplication built-in to the product since 1996
  • Has been deployed on over 5 Million devices worldwide and protects over 60 petabytes of information
  • Is available out of data centers in the USA, Canada and Europe, enabling customers to meet local data protection and privacy / compliance requirements.


LiveVault is a cloud-based server data protection solution which also offers an optional hybrid on-premise appliance. With over 10,000 customers and more than 15 years operating as a cloud service, this is a mature and highly-available service.

This solution:

  • Performs over 2.3 Million backups every day
  • Has the average customer sending it 168 backups a day, over the internet
  • Has over 1 Exabyte (1,000 PB) of restorable data under management (that's the equivalent of over 250 million DVDs worth of data).

HP Data Protector is an on-premise licensed software server data protection solution, which now also has cloud integration provided by LiveVault.

 This solution:

  • Is deployed at over 45,000 customers worldwide, is in 47% of the Global 500, and has a 6% market share
  • For HP's internal IT department: Backs up over 20,000 servers with 30PB of data using our own HP Data Protector solution. 


The above demonstrate just some of the scale, maturity and proven track record of the HP Autonomy data protection solutions.


Check out Part 2, where I cover security and availability.

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